What have we been getting up to? Removal of Capstan Wheels at JDR Cable Systems

Our loyal customers JDR Cable Systems based in Hartlepool, North East England, chose Ebbsfleet Engineering Services to remove two capstan wheels at their site in Victoria Dock. Some of you may have heard of capstan wheels and know all about what they are used for. Some of you however, a bit like me when I started here, have no idea what they are! Capstan wheels are rotating machines developed for use on ships to apply force to ropes, cables and hawsters. Which in principle means they’re very large!



About the actual project…
The work had only taken a day which was completed by our excellent experienced engineers Scott Simpson and John Wellan. Of course JDR Cable Systems Project Engineer Sean Coulton was very satisfied with our work as he expresses here; “Many thanks to your guys for the work carried out in order to facilitate the removal of the capstans. Quick, clean and professional without any issues”.


As you all may have guessed, the wheels are extremely heavy and great care had to be taken to ensure everyone was safe. Which is why our boys used an 80 tonne versalift truck to remove the capstan wheels to the designated area. You can’t even leave a versalift outside on tarmac as the ground would literally sink! Talk about the ground swallowing you up…..


We supplied….
So here at Ebbsfleet Engineering we supplied the labor, specialist lifting equipment (the big heavy versalift) slings, tackle, tools for removal of holding down bolts, method statements and risk assessments for all the safety purposes.


If you would like to see more pictures of the project then head over to our Facebook and Twitter! If you haven’t already then please remember to follow or like us so you can see what we are talking about everyday. We will be back next week with the Recycling Lives project information. I know it was promised this week but circumstances prevail on this one….

So for now I am signing off and I shall see you all next week!
Charlotte Eames, Marketing Executive 🙂





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