Are first ever company blogs successful? Well we can only try! Here is an introduction to Ebbsfleet Engineering Services Ltd

You’ve probably all heard of the great writer and poet, Oscar Wilde? Well he states “The only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about at all”. We have taken this advice on board and decided to make our presence known over social media and hopefully grip our lovely readers to follow our company along its journey!

Ebbsfleet Engineering Services Ltd, based in Medway Kent, the garden of England! We’re specialists in industrial machinery removal, installation and relocation as well as many other services. We launched back in 2002 and over the past 12 years we have built up a very substantial portfolio of projects large and small. We also have a very loyal customer base and year by year we continue to grow.

So what other services do we offer then?

As well as installation, removal or relocation we can offer you mechanical plant construction, electrical & pipework services and heavy lifting. Which means we supply our own fleet of vehicles including forklift trucks and a transport lorry so we can transport your heavy goods and ship them to anywhere in the UK or abroad. Our directors have over 40 years experience in the industry between them which means they can oversee your ongoing project as project managers to ensure everything is running smoothly, safely and on time.

You have all probably got a good idea of what our company specialises in now! If not then I will explain what we have been up to in the past later in the blog. For now, let me touch on this point; Someone last week asked me a question, “What is your company’s philosophy?” Ebbsfleet Engineering Services Ltd offers a premium and personal service to a high quality customer base. Our management team have many years of practical hands on project management experience having worked throughout a number of industries.

We aim to provide an excellent standard of service with value for money and continue an ongoing relationship in the future as part of our customer service. Our customers are very important to us so providing a premium service where our customers feel valued is a number one priority.

It would be interesting for you all to take a look at our previous projects….

JDR Cable Systems Ltd based in Hartlepool chose Ebbsfleet Engineering to install 2 off armouring machine lines, extruder and under roller system. They wanted us to install equipment for their new deepwater quayside facility at the Hartlepool Dock, which will be the only facility in the UK designed specifically to manufacture subsea power cables for the renewable energy market and increasingly complex oil & gas sector. EES supplied the labour, our own heavy lifting equipment, plant, optical alignment, grouting and fixing down services.


We have many upcoming projects this month! July is a very busy month for us. The next blog will be all about our latest completed project for a charity organisation called Recycling Lives based in Preston. We have many great photos of that project, so will be a good read. You’re also probably wondering who the hell is writing this blog? My name is Charlotte Eames and I am the marketing executive at EES. I have been here for over two months now trying to move this company forward into the digital age. I am a 22yr old university graduate from Canterbury Christchurch University where I studied for a degree in Business and Marketing. Anyway, that’s enough about me! Why not follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see what we get up to daily. Visit our website if you would some more information about EES: Or if you would like to contact us then our contact info is:

Phone: 01634230101

Thank you for reading our first blog today! Hopefully you will all tune in next week!


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