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Removal of 11 Colour Cerrutti Gravure Press, Switzerland

Karl Augustine AG, Thayngen. Switzerland.

Ebbsfleet Engineering Services were awarded the contract to remove, pack and ship an 11 colour Cerrutti Gravure press from Thayngen, Switzerland to Seuol, South Korea.

Mechanical and electrical engineers were supplied by ourselves along with all required tooling and plant.

Prior to dismantling, a complete survey was performed by both the Mechanical and Electrical teams.

A detailed written and photographic record of was then produced to assist the re-installation in South Korea.

Upon completion of the report all cabling was match marked, labelled, removed and packed for onwards shipping.

Weak floor areas in the press hall were strengthened from below by placing 10t Acro Soldiers in the basement area beneath thus strengthen lifting load point areas.

The press, including slitters, winders, the boiler and all spare parts were then systematically match marked and the dismantling process commenced utilising amongst other plant 2 off 10t forklift trucks with jibs.

All parts removed were loaded to wooden skids, anti rust sprayed and shrunk wrapped for sea container transport.

All items were recorded as to skid number and container number to ease identification of parts in South Korea.

During the 8 week project a total of 48 containers were loaded and shipped on to South Korea.

Removal of Cerrutti Press, SwitzerlandRemoval of Cerrutti Press, SwitzerlandInformation on some of our other completed projects can be found on our website

Who is “Rusty”?

Rusty is the affectionate name for our resident recycled robot.

Commissioned in 2012, and created from assorted metal items that were destined for the scrap heap, his components were rescued and cleaned and with a little imagination and a fair few welding rods, Rusty was “born”.

Rusty Logo

Standing at 5’ 6” tall with broad cog made shoulders every glance at him spots something different, maybe a teapot or a gardening fork, an assortment of spanners, or a pedal, a plug socket or a lucky horse shoe.

Rusty can usually be found in pride of place, ready to greet visitors at our head office reception, however many of you may have already met him at our exhibition show stands where he always attracts far more attention than the personnel staffing the stands!

Rusty also has his own  Facebook and Google+ profiles, as well as sometimes popping up on the company Twitter and LinkedIn feeds to wish you a happy New Year or pass on the greetings of the season.

Rusty Parts

Feel free to follow or pop in for a visit to see what you can spot!

Ebbsfleet Engineering Services Welcomes New Director – Alec Lindsay

Ebbsfleet Engineering Services are extremely pleased to introduce the most recent member of our  management team – Alec Lindsay.

Alec LindayWith a long established career in engineering and Health and Safety, Alec will be an invaluable member of our growing team.  His practical, hands on experience of site organisation, planning, Health and Safety management and extensive experience in managing a range of projects including; machinery decommissioning and relocation, demolition, new build, refurbishment works, residential schemes, MOD establishments and retail developments both compliments and enhances our already solid skills base.  He has particular expertise in large and complex schemes including high quality, high-profile building projects, and refurbishment and alteration projects.

Alec’s CV also boasts qualifications such as NEBOSH General, NEBOSH Environmental, OHSAS 18001 Lead Auditor, PTS Track Awareness, Btec Eng (Mech), National Plant Appointed Person, Asbestos Awareness, FPA Fire Risk assessor indicating his dedication to supporting and enforcing safe working practices.

Alec, who joined us at the beginning of October, hit the ground running by diving straight into managing a £250k project with a major waste recycling client based in Essex. We caught up with Alec between his many site visits to  see how he was getting on:

EES: Alec, how have you found your first 3 months?

Alec: “Well……it has been quite hectic and very interesting!”

EES: What excites you about the role?

Alec: “It is a return to my engineering routes and hopefully an opportunity to utilise my entire skill-set in a way that previous employments have not.”

EES: What would you say your best personal attributes were?

Alec:  “To never panic  and to remain calm.  Also the ability to see the big picture and be relentless in pursuit of task resolution.”

EES:  Yes, we’ve certainly found you  pretty “unflappable” in some rather challenging situations lately!  Okay, next question; Where would you like to take the company in 2015?

Alec: “I want to further enhance our client base as well as overall turnover and profitability of the business”

EES: What are your passions outside of work?

Alec:  “Outside of my family,  I guess it will be no secret that I am a keen motorcyclist and heavily involved with the local branch of Triumph Owners Club.”

Alec Bike

EES: Anything else you’d like to add?

Alec:  “Glad to be on board and here’s to 2015!”

Ebbsfleet Engineering Services at the RWM Exhibition 2014

Another year, another RWM Waste Management exhibition at the NEC Birmingham. Ebbsfleet Engineering has been exhibiting here for over six years now so shall we just say we’re experts? With over 700 companies exhibiting, it’s a great place to get your brand out there and meet new people from companies you may not have encountered before. A whole three days of networking, which is a great idea for any growing business but a tiresome busy three days!

nec birmingham

Some of the Ebbsfleet team arrive at the NEC on the Monday to see how well the stand is progressing ready for the next day. Seeing the chaos surrounding the halls, you would never imagine all those people would be in there tomorrow on and around their stands. So after having a brief look around, it’s time to grab dinner and have an early night in preparation for the next three busy days!

Bright eyed and bushy tailed, team Ebbsfleet head to the NEC to begin the first day of the exhibition. The hall is buzzing full of colourful and imaginative stands, and I must say there are some pretty impressive ones there! The first day is slow off the mark, as presumably people are still making their way to Birmingham. By lunchtime when our stand is up and running and looking wonderful I must say, the people start passing by. Our star of the show and our resident robot, Rusty, caught the eye of many passers by which then lead to meeting many different people from different companies. Rusty was on his annual vacation-


It was great to meet all those people on the first day. Discussing how we can help each other succeed in new areas of business and definitely a few new leads were in sight, but WOW do my feet hurt!!!

The second day is upon us, and the busiest day according to the exhibition regulars. Note to all: DO NOT WEAR HEELS. Yes, I made that mistake and although it looked more professional, I couldn’t walk at the end of the day. We did have a busy day today; many people from many different companies came to our stand and were interested in what services we had to offer! We also had a wander round the two halls; visiting stands that we thought were relevant to us a business. This was successful as there is an opportunity to develop some of the leads, which would ultimately mean that our visit to the exhibition was worthwhile! Time to celebrate our hard work for the day, and rest those achy feet!

RWM 2014

The third and final day! So this according to the exhibition regulars was the quietest day as everyone is getting ready to pack up and go home. Which was true. As ever Rusty was the star of the show drawing in people as they were walking by; they were all pretty keen to have their picture taken with him. Today we met with a few existing clients of ours to possibly set up new contracts which is amazing news! We also had some new potential clients in the making as they seemed to like our graphics which showcased one of our previous projects as the backdrop of our stand. Overall, a pretty successful day and everyone was please  which is what we all like to hear. Feet are a bit worse for wear again but it’s all in the name of a successful networking business event.


Overall the exhibition was a great way to meet potential clients who are interested in what you do and one day  could work together to develop a great project and working  relationship. It is also great to meet businesses who can offer you a service that you are interested in, when giving out a business card or a leaflet then you will always have that information on hand. The RWM is also a great place to get your brand out there! Just think, there are over 700 exhibitors and you have three days to visit as many of those exhibitors as you can. Obviously you may not get round to everyone, but simply producing a piece of material with your company branding on it will always be effective as you will lodged in someones memory. You may even pop up in a magazine or around the local authority doing another project and because of that material, a company can instantly recognise your brand.

Plus if you get that mega buck’s deal then that visit has certainly paid off! So if you went to the exhibition this year, please do give us a shout if you remember our name, stand or even Rusty. If not then remember us anyway or visit the website- www.ebbsfleetltd.com if you haven’t been then VISIT NEXT YEAR! We may even see you there 🙂


*Sorry we haven’t been active on here for a while; things have been a bit here and there at the moment at the Ebbsfleet office! We shall be back on track soon with either a weekly or fortnightly blog.

See you all soon! Team Ebbsfleet 🙂


What have we been getting up to? Removal of Capstan Wheels at JDR Cable Systems

Our loyal customers JDR Cable Systems based in Hartlepool, North East England, chose Ebbsfleet Engineering Services to remove two capstan wheels at their site in Victoria Dock. Some of you may have heard of capstan wheels and know all about what they are used for. Some of you however, a bit like me when I started here, have no idea what they are! Capstan wheels are rotating machines developed for use on ships to apply force to ropes, cables and hawsters. Which in principle means they’re very large!



About the actual project…
The work had only taken a day which was completed by our excellent experienced engineers Scott Simpson and John Wellan. Of course JDR Cable Systems Project Engineer Sean Coulton was very satisfied with our work as he expresses here; “Many thanks to your guys for the work carried out in order to facilitate the removal of the capstans. Quick, clean and professional without any issues”.


As you all may have guessed, the wheels are extremely heavy and great care had to be taken to ensure everyone was safe. Which is why our boys used an 80 tonne versalift truck to remove the capstan wheels to the designated area. You can’t even leave a versalift outside on tarmac as the ground would literally sink! Talk about the ground swallowing you up…..


We supplied….
So here at Ebbsfleet Engineering we supplied the labor, specialist lifting equipment (the big heavy versalift) slings, tackle, tools for removal of holding down bolts, method statements and risk assessments for all the safety purposes.


If you would like to see more pictures of the project then head over to our Facebook and Twitter! If you haven’t already then please remember to follow or like us so you can see what we are talking about everyday. We will be back next week with the Recycling Lives project information. I know it was promised this week but circumstances prevail on this one….

So for now I am signing off and I shall see you all next week!
Charlotte Eames, Marketing Executive 🙂




Are first ever company blogs successful? Well we can only try! Here is an introduction to Ebbsfleet Engineering Services Ltd

You’ve probably all heard of the great writer and poet, Oscar Wilde? Well he states “The only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about at all”. We have taken this advice on board and decided to make our presence known over social media and hopefully grip our lovely readers to follow our company along its journey!

Ebbsfleet Engineering Services Ltd, based in Medway Kent, the garden of England! We’re specialists in industrial machinery removal, installation and relocation as well as many other services. We launched back in 2002 and over the past 12 years we have built up a very substantial portfolio of projects large and small. We also have a very loyal customer base and year by year we continue to grow.

So what other services do we offer then?

As well as installation, removal or relocation we can offer you mechanical plant construction, electrical & pipework services and heavy lifting. Which means we supply our own fleet of vehicles including forklift trucks and a transport lorry so we can transport your heavy goods and ship them to anywhere in the UK or abroad. Our directors have over 40 years experience in the industry between them which means they can oversee your ongoing project as project managers to ensure everything is running smoothly, safely and on time.

You have all probably got a good idea of what our company specialises in now! If not then I will explain what we have been up to in the past later in the blog. For now, let me touch on this point; Someone last week asked me a question, “What is your company’s philosophy?” Ebbsfleet Engineering Services Ltd offers a premium and personal service to a high quality customer base. Our management team have many years of practical hands on project management experience having worked throughout a number of industries.

We aim to provide an excellent standard of service with value for money and continue an ongoing relationship in the future as part of our customer service. Our customers are very important to us so providing a premium service where our customers feel valued is a number one priority.

It would be interesting for you all to take a look at our previous projects….

JDR Cable Systems Ltd based in Hartlepool chose Ebbsfleet Engineering to install 2 off armouring machine lines, extruder and under roller system. They wanted us to install equipment for their new deepwater quayside facility at the Hartlepool Dock, which will be the only facility in the UK designed specifically to manufacture subsea power cables for the renewable energy market and increasingly complex oil & gas sector. EES supplied the labour, our own heavy lifting equipment, plant, optical alignment, grouting and fixing down services.


We have many upcoming projects this month! July is a very busy month for us. The next blog will be all about our latest completed project for a charity organisation called Recycling Lives based in Preston. We have many great photos of that project, so will be a good read. You’re also probably wondering who the hell is writing this blog? My name is Charlotte Eames and I am the marketing executive at EES. I have been here for over two months now trying to move this company forward into the digital age. I am a 22yr old university graduate from Canterbury Christchurch University where I studied for a degree in Business and Marketing. Anyway, that’s enough about me! Why not follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see what we get up to daily. Visit our website if you would some more information about EES: www.ebbsfleetltd.com Or if you would like to contact us then our contact info is:

Email: char.eames@ebbsfleetltd.com
Phone: 01634230101

Thank you for reading our first blog today! Hopefully you will all tune in next week!

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